Our Political Program

The political program proposed by Minteshreen outlines the structural problems within the Lebanese state - mainly the political, economic and social systems - and works to address them through a series of legislative proposals within an integrated political program accompanied by practical, long-term partisan effort.

Political Program
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Minteshreen to Solve the Refugee Crisis

The issue of asylum is a humanitarian issue. A refugee is a person who forcibly left their country and cannot return to it for fear of persecution because of religion, nationality, or political opinion or affiliation, and therefore, a refugee is a victim. We at Minteshreen, from a humanitarian standpoint, can only stand by the victims of wars and conflicts, within the economic capabilities of our country, and in a manner that takes into account the concerns of the Lebanese society about any demographic changes that may occur in the country's population, especially after the number of Syrian refugees increased dramatically after the outbreak of the Syrian war.

National Plan

Any solution to the refugee issue in Lebanon can only be achieved through a national plan, with the participation of the public sector in organization and implementation, as well as that of civil society organizations in Lebanon and international organizations, noting the following:

  • Building the plan on the principle of the right of return for Palestinian refugees and the right to the safe and voluntary return of Syrian refugees, and considering these rights as an inevitable and final goal of the plan
  • Granting refugees their social and economic rights, and safeguarding their right to a decent life until their return to their country
  • Preventing and criminalizing racist measures taken by local administrations, including municipalities and others, against refugees, such as measures to prevent movement and limit freedoms
  • Benefiting from foreign workers in an integrated manner with the Lebanese workforce, and identifying the local economic sectors that deserve protection
  • Developing a plan with a specific timetable to secure the safe and voluntary return of the largest number of displaced Syrians and refugees to safe areas in Syria
  • Harnessing all of Lebanon's energies and diplomatic relations to enshrine the right of return of Palestinian refugees to their occupied lands

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